Saturday, February 4, 2012

Say Thank You to those who teach our Little's..

Who better to say thank you to than our Littles teachers! They give them such a vast amount of knowledge and teach them many things that we don't all have the ability to teach! When showing their teachers a thank you, we (Dawn and I), like to remember that they deserve the very best! I don't think it always has to be on teacher appreciation day, or the beginning and end of the year!
     It makes my heart soar when my Little's come home so excited about something they learned, or something fun they did! It reminds me to be thankful for so many things! First and foremost, to be part of an amazing country that allows us to raise our children with an education! Let's face it, these amazing teachers put a phenomenal impact on our children. It will be those teachers that our Little's will remember. (be honest, if it hasn't happened yet, it will... you will or have been told that their teachers KNOW EVERYTHING!)... Great! More power to those amazing teachers! So.......lets butter them up when we can and send them fun things every once in awhile and let them know you care! (However, as I am writing this, I do remember the movie I watched with Mr. Wonderful over the weekend: Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz, and am praying my Little's don't have and will NEVER have, a teacher like her).. (I don't recommend you watching it if naughtiness and foul language, and sexually explicit comments offend you)... it was pretty funny, I do have to admit! (praying praying praying there are not teachers out there like her!)
      I love to find out things that my Little's teachers like and incorporate it into their appreciation gifts...but in the end, it's the thought that counts!

Dawn designed a these for teacher appreciation gifts... They turned out amazing!  

Dawn sold these on her etsy shop in customized  orders.. 

Here is another cute creation! 

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