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How to host a party with less than $100.00- and put it together in 1 day!!

How to host a party with less than $100.00- and put it together in 1 day!!

can it be done? Absolutley!  Let me tell you how this little shin dig came in WAY under budget and almost overnight!

Let me start by saying this party is not my typical party- I usually spend a small fortune and plan for months about what I am going to do.  I had party ideas coming out my ears for this party but I just couldn't get into the party mode for some strange reason!!  So, the night before the party I was scrambling with my mom, sister, and sister in law to get things together. 
 Here is what I did:

The party was a "late night- pretend sleepover- pajama party- movie night" with a dessert table/movie theater concession stand.  My daughter wanted her friends to sleepover, but I thought they were too young for that.  The age ranges were 5-9 with mostly 5 and 6 year olds.

For the invitations-
I purchased Starburst candy boxes at Wal Mart for each invitation for $.98 each and covered the front and back with patterned paper.  I covered all of the boxes with 4 sheets of paper (paper I already had).  I glittered (using glitter I already had) the edge of the party info and attached to the candy box.  I wrapped a tulle (already had) bow around the box/invitation and had the kids deliver them. 

On the dessert table we had.... 
Popcorn (extra butter of course)  $2.00
Candy boxes (Starburst, Reese's Pieces, and Twizzlers) $.98 each (10 boxes)
M&M's $2.50
Hershey's Kisses $2.00
Cookies and Cream Hearts $1.88
Heart shaped marshmallows $1.25
Now and Laters $2.00
Sprinkle donut holes $2.50
White chocolate covered pretzels $2.00
Licorice $1.68
Gummy Bears $4.00 (large bag)
Water bottles $2.00
Cake in a jar $1.34 (per cake mix, we used 3. I made cream cheese frosting at approximately $3.00..unsure of cost because I had everything to make it. I also used jars my mom already had.)
Chewy Lemon Heads $.98 (1 box divided up into smaller portions and placed in glassine bags which were $.02 each)
Cake in the Jar, prior to baking. 

A top view of the cake in the Jar all frosted and sprinkled up! 
All complete with Tulle and a spoon! 
I used dishes and a tablecloth that I already had, for the treat table.  I also used a white gift box with a ribbon that I already had, wrapped around and tied in a knot to elevate the gummy bears and to help the table look "finished" and complete, to my satisfaction. 
I used fold over sandwich bags and ribbon I had in my ribbon stash to make individual serving size bags of gummy bears.  I just cut the top off to look more like a cellophane bag would.
I used tulle I already had to wrap around the cake jars and inserted a plastic spoon.
I purchased cellophane bags ($2.00 for 25) to put the popcorn in and then placed in a paper sack ($.02 each) to avoid grease marks on the paper bags.  Then I cut a few sheets of patterned tissue paper into smaller rectangles and stuffed in the top of the popcorn sacks to look like a gift bag. 
I bought 3 pieces of patterned paper and cut into 2 inch strips to wrap around the water bottles.  I also punched scalloped circles in coordinating colors and adhered them to the Now and Laters just to cutesy them up a bit.

I bought 10 pink buckets at the dollar store and 2 packages of cute patterned tissue paper ($1.47 each) from Wal Mart.  I put one piece of tissue paper in each bucket for the kids to put their goodies in.  That way they could take their treats to the "theater" and munch while watching the movie.

We watched a movie, ate goodies, had cake ($18.00) and ice cream ($4.00) ($3.00 for plates and napkins)- the kids could choose to eat cake in a jar or the actual birthday cake but they all chose the cake in a jar.

The party favors were a large swirly lolly pop ($.50 each) and a candy shaped body glitter (on sale after Christmas for 50% off $.50 each) put upside down in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.  (Upside down so they looked more like a lolly pop when held right side up.) I also purchased a Hot Wheels car ($1.00) and a green bucket for the only boy that attended the party.
The kids also got to take home their goody buckets filled with any treats leftover.

I can't take credit for everything as I am lucky to have a very helpful husband who did the shopping, the cleaning and watched the kids so I could have a girls night to get the party stuff done the night before.  I also have a spectacular mom, sister, sister in law and friend who helped with putting it all together.  They do not have a measurable price!

All in all my total comes to $94.45 plus tax and that includes EVERYTHING! (if my math is right that is!)

Can't complain and neither can my hubby! 

XOXO,     Dawn

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