Friday, February 10, 2012

A "Bouncy" Valentine

Pinterest anyone?  Valentine's ideas via Pinterest. 
Ok, I have a problem.  It's a very bad/good problem.  It is called Pinterest.  Have you tried it?  If not, you should.  (Don't tell your husband I told you about it.)  My poor husband has to endure me showing him 500 things I want to do....someday.
Well, someday has come and I have been using Pinterest for so many things.  Mostly cooking but also my Valentine's ideas this year.  I am a teacher's aid in a 1st grade class; I absolutely LOVE those kids and wanted to do a Valentine for them.  Some of the kids have food allergies, medical concerns, etc. so I had to come up with something besides candy.  In came Pinterest.  I found this awesome idea Here. Nellie Design has some great ideas!   
I went to our local party store Zurchers and found bouncy balls.. Go Here, I found 12 for $4.95.  I got my cello bags at Walmart in the Wilton section. 25 bags for $2.00.  Great deal. 

Visit Nellie-Design Here to get the free Download for these adorable bag toppers! 
I had some printer problems so I found a great way to print my toppers.  You can send an email to your local UPS Store with the file you want printed and they will print your order and you can pick it up!  I printed mine on cardstock.
One quick tip I have is using a scoring blade on your Cricut cutter to make the topper fold nicely, Or a bone folder and ruler, anything really. In reality you could use a butter knife - scoring really does make a difference folding cardstock !
Super QUICK, super CUTE Valentines! Thank you Pinterest and nellie-design!

xoxo - Dawn

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