Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alice in Wonderland - Part 2

Ever feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole?  I do... at least once a day! 
When doing the Alice themed birthday party I was channeling my inner Disney.  You see, I am a Disneyland freak. It's bad. 
My poor children have Disney themed parties whether they like it or not!  Luckily they like it!
More with the party details. 

The entry.
I made a Cheshire Cat poster at my local Costco (it is very inexpensive) and cut him out.  I wanted him to look like he was in the tree.  You know- when he says we are all just a little mad.  I went out in my yard and cut a long thin branch off a tree and used dollar store fake leaves.   I stuck that on the front door and put the Cheshire Cat on the door like he was sitting in a tree. 

I used a crazy stick to make the signage and printed "this way" "that way" "yonder" "up" "down" and placed them crooked and confusing like. 

Next I made the card men.  They were very simple.  I went to the local dollar store and picked up several red and white poster boards.  I made the faces, hands and pieces out of red poster board and peach colored cardstock.  I went to home depot and bought a bag of quick curing concrete.  I also picked up some sprinkler pipe (also known as pvc pipe)  I mixed up concrete and poured it in cheap black plastic bowls from Wally world.  I put the desired length of pipe in the concrete and waited for it to harden enough that I could let go.  Not too long, I promise.  Once this was complete I taped the card men to the pipe and voila!  The queens men!
I got a whole bunch of stems of red and white roses from the good ol' dollar store and placed them in topiaries I already had.  This is the queens men painting the roses red.
We played crouqet made from one of those tacky...er...sweet yard art flamingos and a toilet plunger...yep-thats right, I said a plunger- it was new, I promise!  I bought pink wiffle balls so my house wasn't ruined. 

Next came the table.  Now this may sound crazy but I wanted to feel like I was riding the tea cup ride at Disneyland.  I got lucky and found 4 buckets at IKEA that had hearts and diamonds on them and matched my theme perfectly-and they were on clearance.  Even better.  I used the same concrete and pvc and made a canopy.  I will do a detailed post soon that explains what parts to buy from the home improvement store and ways you can use a canopy.
I got a few wysteria vines from Michaels, some boxwood vines from a local craft store that is no longer in business and some dollar store vines.  I also got paper lanterns from zurchers here.  I used fishing line (monofilament) and floral wire and tape to attach everything. 
I purchased a wh.ite tablecloth which I got here for a great price on ebay along with a few miniature tea sets (here).  Both of these items are still available on ebay.  Ebay is a great party resource if you're looking for something specific.  I went to our local thrift store and bought all the tea cups and tea pots I could find and painted them in bright colors.  They are no longer food safe once they have been painted so...don't poison your guests!

I had Alice come visit and take photos with each girl.  She is AMAZING!  She is available in Utah and a few other states and is worth every penny.  Her prices are very reasonable and she is seriously fantastic. 
The kids ate circle shaped tea sandwiches and fruit kabobs.  I cut the strawberries to look like hearts and put them on a plastic kabob stick with the other fruit.  I made my famous hot cocoa (which is really just the recipe on the Hershey's cocoa) and the girls loved it. 
Each girl left with a goody bag filled with a blue squeezit with a special tag, a heart brownie- again with a special tag, bubbles, a heart bracelet, a diamond ring, and sweetarts.  I will show you how I blinged up the treats and put it all together in my next post. 
I had a blast doing this party.  I think it was my most favorite theme because of the wacky decor, colors and all the fun projects.  

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