Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let me introduce us....

        Crafty and We Know It has launched! We are so excited to be a part of blogger world, blogger land, mom bloggers and all of the other bloggerism's out there. Families and husbands consume our lives, but we both have inspiration, creativity, passion and Love for what we do! 
         It may be cooking, baking, repurposing, paper crafting, 3d crafting, sewing,  parties (Oh boy, we lOVE to create and throw parties!)... So many things inspire us to be who we are, loving what we do. Fun things we come up with ... but whatever it is, we want to share with you all! 
Dawn and I are friends, but best of all neighbors, who share the same passion! We are excited to take off on this adventure together. Inspire, create, craft, bake, sew, and the list goes on.. Dawn is amazing at everything she does! I have never met anyone like Dawn! She has divine ideas! Her talent is incredible! I feel so LUCKY to have an amazing friend and partner in creativity! I have always been the crafter/creator that gets inspired to create something amazing, then blank out! I have had enough! I have oodles of craft supplies and fabric.. Just ask my Mr. Wonderful! He will tell ya.. So enough of this! I have an amazing partner that is going to team up with me to do DIVINELY AMAZING creations! (eek.. i hope she knows what she is in for... LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN! ;) 
Bear with us as we are new to this, I'm sure we will get better the more we post.. Hopefully our OCD'ness doesn't show to much in our blog... but that's not always a bad thing. right? 


Please choose to be a follower! Email us at if you have any questions, ideas, want to be guest blogger or anything else that inspires you! We would love to hear from you! 

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