Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to make a backdrop

I needed a backdrop with some color and that looked like a curtain. 

What to do?  I pulled out one of my “party tricks” and a glue gun and here it is!  A backdrop made with plastic tablecloths.  I have done this in the past for a few things and it is quick, easy, and colorful.  (and super cheap!)

(past parties I used tablecloths for decor)
Just buy as many tablecloths as you need (look at the measurements on the package and divide the smallest measurement by half because you will scrunch it on the tension rod. 

Which brings me to the next step.  I had to buy a tension rod because my other one is currently holding a million rolls of ribbon.  (They are really handy to have around) So either use a rod you already have or you can get one for really cheap at Walmart.

 Grab your handy glue gun and a couple of glue sticks and fold over one edge of the tablecloth.  Lift the edge  enough to spread glue under and press the fold down to create a rod pocket just like a curtain.  Make sure your glue gun is on LOW!  It is too hot for the plastic on high.  Watch your fingers too- I don’t want anyone getting burned.  It takes a couple of minutes to cool. 

Just place on the rod and there you have it.  A colorful backdrop.  Wonder what I’m using it for?  I will show you tomorrow.  It is pretty “wild”!


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