Monday, March 5, 2012


       I’m Lucky To Have You

I rarely decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.  I think about it but just don’t have much to put out.  I think some of the décor is just a little too- hmmmwhat word to use?  Ummmtoo metallic/crazy green? (A little Wizard of Oz Emerald City-ish???)  I just don’t want a whole lot of crazy going on on my counters and tables.  A little goes a long way in my humble opinion.  When I saw this cute green frame at Hobby Lobby the other day I thought it would be a perfect little splash of green on my desk and a little reminder to my hubby that he is appreciated.

The frame was already green so all I had to do was find a font I liked and print up the saying.  I put it in the frame and was done.  Just a quick, little project.  No painting or anything! 

You could easily make this for someone special and give as a gift. 

I have a lot of people ask me how to do ribbons like this.  It’s really super easy.  I just tie the main ribbon around the item, then, I find 3-6 different ribbons to stack.  I use the largest one as a base.  Cut to your desired length and trim the edges neatly.  Do the same with each ribbon getting slightly shorter as you go.  Cinch the ribbon in the middle and use the ribbon you tied around your gift to tie a knot around the cinched ribbon.  That’s it! I like to use wired ribbon for the large ribbons and some organza ribbon in the mix.  Glitter ribbon is the best! (I really like glitter- a lot)  I think it is hard to find good glitter ribbon that is pliable sometimes. 

Hope you have a “lucky day”!


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